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Kentucky FHA Guidelines for Credit scores, First-Time Buyers, Co-signors, Collections, Mortgage Insurance Refinances, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Kentucky FHA Guidelines for Credit scores, First-Time Buyers, Refinances, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

11 Questions and Answers below about the FHA loan program: 

1. Q -  Can only first-time home buyers use a Kentucky FHA loan program?

A -  No. You can use a Kentucky FHA loan as many times as you desire. The only guideline is that you cannot have more than one outstanding Kentucky FHA loan with a loan to value of higher than 75%. You can own rental property and purchase your primary residence using Kentucky  FHA financing. 

2. Q - Does FHA use a FICO credit score for qualifying?

A - Yes, FHA requires a credit score. Depending on investor and program, some FHA investors will go as low at 550 on a score, but most FHA lenders that I work with want a 620 score. You have three fico scores and they take the middle score.

3. Q - Can I streamline refinance my FHA loan at any time?

A -  Yes, you can streamline assuming that the you are lowering your monthly payments or converting the loan to a fixed rate with at least a $50 monthly saving.s 

4. Q - Can I purchase a 4 Unit Home with FHA mortgage financing?

A - Yes, you may use FHA financing for 2,3, or 4 unit home purchase assuming that the loan amount does not exceed the maximum loan limits for where the property is located

5. Q - Can I buy a home with no down payment and get 100% financing using a FHA loan?

A - Yes. Using a FHA insured first mortgage in combination with other specialized programs, such as KHC with their down payment assistance program., you may be able to purchase a home with no money out of pocket.

6. Q - How long after a bankruptcy can I buy a home using FHA financing?

A - You may purchase a home using FHA financing two years after the date of discharge for a Chapter 7 and 1 year for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, assuming that you have maintained excellent credit since the discharge. 

7. Q - How long after a Foreclosure can I use FHA financing to buy a home?

A - Three years after the final date of foreclosure you may use FHA financing to buy another home, assuming that your credit since the foreclosure has been excellent.

8. Q - Can I get rid of of the FHA Mortgage Insurance if I have 20% equity?

A - The only way to remove the FHA mortgage insurance is to refinance the loan to a conventional loan. FHA Mortgage insurance if for life of loan no matter your equity position

.9 Q - Do I have to pay off collections accounts before applying for a FHA loan?

A - Typically all collection accounts that are non-medical and judgements should be paid off before applying for a FHA mortgage. You should get prequalified by a mortgage professional before paying any items off. This varies greatly so consult a loan officer and have them pull your credit and submit for a pre-approval before paying any collections off. Judgements usually have to be paid off. 

10. Q - Can I get a FHA loan if I have a federal tax lien?

A - You may qualify for a FHA loan even with a Federal tax lien, as long as it has been in a repayment schedule for at least 6 months and all payments have been made on time. The monthly payment will be counted against you as a monthly liability and will affect the amount of the loan you will qualify for. State tax liens must be paid off in full.

11. Q - Can I have a cosigner that is not living in the property?

A - Yes, you may have a cosigner that is not living in the home help you qualify for a mortgage but their rent, mortgage payment, or monthly bills will be used in qualifying. Also, they cannot currently have a FHA loan in their name.

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